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Houston Will And Trust Lawyer

Ultimately, the purpose of estate planning is to have some say now, while you can, about how your assets will be distributed after your death and how aggressive you want doctors to be about preserving your life if you become incapacitated. If you do not make these decisions and document them through proper legal instruments, the government will divide your belongs according to statute. Your family and doctors may end up in dispute over how to care for you if you are incapacitated but still living.

As you are looking for a Houston will and trust attorney, keep in mind the importance of clear communications and information. At the law office of Zara Ali & Associates, you can expect personalized attention from your lawyer, from the time of your initial consultation until your estate planning documents are complete.

Be Prepared: Update Your Will Now For Peace of Mind

I am Texas estate planning attorney Zara Ali and I am glad you have found my website, including this page on wills and trusts. Many people have the mistaken notion that it will be depressing or expensive to prepare a will or explore appropriate types of trusts. At my law firm, our conversations about wills and trusts are actually quite upbeat and forward-looking. Your peace of mind is valuable to you now — and well-thought-out wills and trusts can save your family thousands of dollars while preventing hassles and delays in settling your estate someday.

If you allow me the opportunity to do so, I will educate you about what a will can do for you and how you can greatly help your family at some future time by taking action now. I can advise you on the benefits of each type of estate planning document such as a special needs trust. I can instruct you in how to account for guardianship for your children in the case of your death.

Perhaps you already have a will but you wonder if it is outdated. It may be from another state or it may have been prepared before you were married, had children, started a business or got divorced. I can help determine whether you need to update your will and help you make your wishes clear in a new will.

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