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Houston Family Immigration Attorney

Perhaps the easiest immigration pathway is obtaining a green card through marriage to an American citizen. However, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is always on the lookout for marriage fraud. Even if your marriage is completely legitimate and in good faith, you should have an experienced lawyer help you prepare the evidence you will submit to verify your eligibility for permanent residency based on marriage.

I am Zara Ali, a Texas immigration lawyer ready to advise you and guide you in applying for a family-based immigration solution such as a fiancé visa or a green card for an immediate family member. Contact me to arrange for an initial consultation in my Houston law office regarding your family-based immigration needs.

Avoid Application Errors With Efficient, Effective Counsel

You may be aware that the USCIS provides application forms and information online. Many people believe they can apply using these materials without the assistance of an immigration attorney. This may be technically true, but it is far too easy for individuals without experience to make mistakes, wasting unnecessary time and money.

U.S. immigration laws are highly technical and complex. This applies to the process for seeking family-based visas such as the K-1 fiancé visa as well as for business-based visas such as the H-1 B visas for foreign workers in specialty occupations. As a knowledgeable Texas immigration attorney, I am committed to helping ensure that your application for a visa or green card for your family member goes as smoothly as possible.

Request A Consultation With A Houston Family Immigration Lawyer Right Away

Perhaps you already applied for a temporary or permanent visa for a family member and now the USCIS has asked for additional evidence. Be extra careful before taking the next step! Contact an immigration lawyer right away to get the advice and help that you need to increase your chances of success with the second application.

To schedule a consultation with Zara Ali & Associates, PLLC, call 832-291-2846. You can also send me an email.