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Focused Guidance In Family Law Challenges

Uncontested Divorces Are Simple And Inexpensive

An uncontested divorce occurs when all parties agree to all issues in a case. Most people strive for an uncontested divorce because it’s simple and inexpensive, and it offers you and your spouse the chance to end your marriage quietly and with dignity. My name is Zara Ali, and at my firm, I am prepared to help you navigate the uncontested divorce process.

Not every uncontested is the same, and not every case runs smoothly. Often couples with few assets and no children find this procedure to be the best option for their case. Couples with minor children are encouraged to communicate with one another and proceed with an uncontested divorce.

Contested Divorces Can Be Emotional And Require Patience

A marriage of many years will likely have accumulated substantial assets, debts and children. Too often, couples are in disagreement about the division of their property and debts, child custody and child support. As the founding attorney at Zara Ali & Associates, PLLC, I have worked on many contested divorces involving young children, and I understand that each client has an individual story and situation specific to their case.

One way divorce and family law issues can be resolved is through mediation. My firm can help clients determine if mediation could be a beneficial option for them. I am skilled at helping individuals with the mediation process, as I am a certified mediator.

Termination Of Parental Rights And Adoption

There are two steps to secure an adoption in Texas. First, the court must terminate the birth parents’ rights to the child; second, the adoption must be approved by the court. Termination of parental rights means a parent is no longer considered a legal parent and will not have any legal rights, duties or responsibilities to the child. Once the judge grants an order of terminations, the order is normally considered final.

The termination of parental rights can be initiated by agreement of each parent. If both parents do not agree, the court will terminate the rights if the court finds the termination and adoption to be in the best interest of the child.

After the court grants the order of termination, but before granting the adoption order, the court will require that the parties submit to a social study performed in the home of the adoptive parents. The court also requires a Texas Criminal History Report. The name of the child may be changed in the adoption order if requested

At Zara Ali & Associates, PLLC, I can assist you with both the termination of parental rights and adoption processes.

Modifying Custody, Visitation And Child Support

Parents are often looking to modify their existing court orders. A Texas family court can modify provisions for custody, visitation and child support. The request must be filed in the court that last entered an order regarding the children. The procedure for modification can often be complex, and the court has set certain requirements for that procedure. At Zara Ali & Associates, PLLC, I can assist you in modification of custody, visitation and child support.

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For assistance with a range of family law issues, turn to Zara Ali & Associates, PLLC. I combine over a decade of experience with innovation, up-to-date knowledge and a deep passion for helping Texans maintain strong, healthy families. To schedule your consultation, please call 832-291-2846 or send me an email.